SKA Apartment Rentals Commitment to Equal Opportunity, Accessibility and the Human Rights Code

We at SKA Apartment Rentals ensure all employees, contractors, vendors deserve to be treated fairly, equitably and with respect, free of any harassment and/or discrimination. SKA Apartment Rentals works at making sure accommodations are available upon request for all individuals with disabilities in a timely manor. SKA Apartment Rentals, meets and exceeds all legislative rules and guidelines of the Human Rights Code.


SKA Apartment Rentals Commitment to Privacy and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

Your privacy is very important to us. SKA Apartment Rentals is dedicated to providing you with superior service while protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal information. 

When you become an SKA Apartment Rentals customer you will be providing us with personal information relating to the rental of a suite, along with the ensuing delivery of services such as repairs and maintenance / correction of deficiencies, etc. You may also be providing us with information regarding your financial and employment status to facilitate approval of an application. 

As part of our established relationship with you, we will only use and retain your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. To respond to your requests for product information.

  2. To complete business transactions with you and to provide appropriate levels of service following the completion of a transaction, such as a suite rental.

  3. To share personal information that we collect with other service providers, such as utilities, banking institutions and credit agencies, as well as trades and contractors, etc. who perform various functions to assist in our delivery of service to you.

  4. We may also be required to provide personal information to third parties for legal or regulatory purposes. 

We prohibit the sale, transfer or sharing of personal information with third parties for any other purposes than those identified, without your consent, unless it is required by law.


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