Reasons to Rent

The real cost of home ownership is more than you think.
In any comparison of renting versus buying, remember that mortgage payments are only part of the equation.

Here are a few reasons why Renting an SKA Apartment may be more suitable for you:

1. Fewer Unexpected Expenses. Rents are set. Mortgage rates, maintenance expenses, and property taxes can change each year. Things break down, and as a homeowner, you are the only one who is going to pay for that.

2. Peace of Mind. These are owned rental apartment buildings. Your individual unit will never be sold, so you will never have to move out for an owner to move, like a rental home. 

3. More Money for What Matters. A down payment for a house is very substantial. You can live without the burden of financing that can limit your cash flow. 

4. Amazing Service. Each SKA Apartment has trained onsite staff who live with you in the building, and work alongside a professional team at Head Office. That means they care about the building YOU live in, because they live there too. 

5. Connect+Culture. With tenants who have lived there for years (often 30+), our buildings are a community. Don't be surprised if you become friends with your neighbours. Our buildings are filled with great people you can count on.


For more information on how much home ownership TRULY costs, check out the Globe and Mail article linked below:

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