Green Living

At SKA Apartment Rentals we believe we all need to "do our part" to live a "greener" lifestyle to ensure the health of our environment. 

As part of "doing our part" we recycle at all of our properties and have done extensive energy and water saving retrofits. We've replaced old windows and patio doors with new high R value windows and doors, replaced incandescent and other wasteful lighting with low consumption lighting, torn off old tar and gravel roofs and replaced them with greener insulated urethane foam roofs, and replaced wasteful high electricity use fridges and stoves with new Energy Star appliances.

We hope you, our Residents, will join us in these initiatives. Please consider adding these simple energy reducing habits to your daily routine:

  1. Turn off lights, computers, TV's, stereos and any other electrical devices when not in use or when leaving your apartment.
  2. Keep your heating thermostats at not more than 21 degrees C in the winter months.
  3. Keep your windows and doors closed tightly in the winter months. If you're too warm tell us and we'll make adjustments.
  4. Use compact florescent light bulbs in your lamps and overhead light fixtures.
  5. Advise us of any leaky faucets or running toilets. We''ll fix them promptly.
  6. Minimize the use of your in-suite air conditioner in the summer months. If you will not be home during the day, keep it off or on the low setting. Use the ceiling fans we provide in all suites.
  7. Use your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to exhaust humid air.

Remember the 3 R's! Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for a healthy today and tomorrow.


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